Area 3T AYSO Extra Guidelines




I. Purpose, Goals and Administration-

AYSO EXTRA (previously referred to as "Select") is a program designed to give registered AYSO players the opportunity to play more soccer beyond the opportunities offered by the core program. AYSO EXTRA allows these players to receive additional coaching, practices and games.

Without disparaging or diminishing our core program, AYSO EXTRA should be publicized and promoted both inside and outside of AYSO as something special for all players to aspire to participate in.

All regions that enter teams in the core program are strongly encouraged to participate in AYSO EXTRA, and to enter multiple teams in divisions where that would be appropriate based on available players and coaches.


AYSO EXTRA will be administered with the same degree of care as the core program and will be designed to provide the maximum number of games for the players.  Therefore, deadlines will be set by the Area AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator in order to make it possible to have as many AYSO EXTRA games (including tournament weeks) as possible.  The AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator will endeavor to make sure that field assignments are accurate and that no conflicts exist.  The Area will also attempt to appoint an Assistant AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator to assist with the increased administrative burden and to work with the Area Scheduler to create appropriate schedules.


Teams participating in AYSO EXTRA are encouraged to enter non-AYSO tournaments in addition to AYSO tournaments, and the AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator will attempt to circulate information about such tournaments.


II. Structure


Should there be a sufficient number of teams registered in a division, the AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator will create tiered divisions, so that teams of roughly equal ability will play each other.  However, regions that create multiple teams in the same division shall attempt to create balanced teams. Thus, while a region may create more than one AYSO EXTRA team in a division, CREATION OF A AND B TEAMS IN THE SAME DIVISION IS PROHIBITED. The AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator will attempt to create appropriate divisions at one year age increments wherever possible and to accommodate tiered play.  If an insufficient number teams are registered to create divisions, The AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator will attempt to arrange the schedule to provide the maximum number of balanced games, recognizing that there is a need to play a variety of opponents during a season.


AYSO EXTRA coaches shall timely submit game scores and game reports to the AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator.  Prior to the Spring AYSO EXTRA season, the AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator shall use the game scores and game reports to assist in creating the tiered divisions and balanced schedule.

In order to facilitate scheduling matters and to insure that rules are properly followed, each Region is encouraged to name an AYSO EXTRA coordinator to its Regional Board.

Each region must submit its AYSO EXTRA guidelines to the Area Director. Regional AYSO EXTRA guidelines must be consistent with those set forth in the Area EXTRA guidelines.

III. Team Selection Process

The AYSO EXTRA selection process starts with Regional Board approval for a team in a particular age group. Any qualified AYSO volunteer coach or coordinator desiring to create an EXTRA team must obtain the approval of the board. Once that occurs, each region must follow a clearly publicized process for the formation of a team. Because of regional preferences, the following options are available:

•  Open participation for all players

•  Selection by recommendations of coaches in the applicable division

•  Selection through tryouts that follow established guidelines

•  A hybrid of the above.

In the event that players are to be selected for an AYSO EXTRA team, each region must establish clear guidelines in an effort to allow players to have a fair opportunity to participate. For example, it is recommended that any tryouts extend over two dates. The selection criteria must be explained to the parents and players before the selection, and it is strongly recommended that coaches from outside of the involved division participate in the selection process.


IV. Basic Guidelines

AYSO EXTRA in Area 3T abides by the following principles of play and participation that come from the rules, regulations and guidelines of AYSO:

  1. AYSO EXTRA play shall not be allowed to become a more extensive or more important part of any program than the core program.
  2. Players must participate in the core season (a minimum of one-half the core season games is a good rule-of-thumb).
  3. Expenses incurred by the AYSO EXTRA program may not be paid for through the Region’s general funds but instead must be paid for by the EXTRA participants.
  4. The AYSO EXTRA programs may not involve U8 or U6.
  5. Principles of fair play, everyone plays (one-half of every game), balanced teams, good sportsmanship, and positive coaching shall continue to be followed and stressed.
  6. No player is an AYSO EXTRA player, only. AYSO EXTRA games and practices are secondary to core team obligations. Therefore, absent the permission of the player’s core team coach, any conflict between AYSO EXTRA and core team practices must be resolved with the player participating with the core team.
  7. Practices for AYSO EXTRA teams may be scheduled during the week to avoid conflicts with core team responsibilities.
  8. AYSO EXTRA games are played pursuant to a schedule established by the Area. AYSO EXTRA games are to be played on Saturdays, usually in the late afternoon. Other than sanctioned tournaments, no AYSO EXTRA games may be played on any Sunday that core games are scheduled.
  9. If any EXTRA TEAM participates in any non-AYSO tournament or other program, it needs written permission from the Regional Commissioner.  Without such permission, the team will not be considered as an AYSO team for any reason, including insurance coverage, and shall not use uniforms bearing the AYSO logo

V. Volunteer Requirements

Coaches and referees participating in AYSO EXTRA should be the best trained coaches and referees available.


All AYSO EXTRA Coaches and Assistant Coaches shall have been Safe Haven trained and have completed the appropriate youth coaching course:

     1) U9 & U10 coaches must complete AYSO U10 Youth Coaching course
     2) U11 & U12 coaches must complete the AYSO U12 Youth Coaching course

     3) Intermediate coaching course is required for U14 coaches

New coaches will receive a six month waiver of the requirements to enable them to achieve the appropriate certification level.

It is highly recommended that all AYSO EXTRA coaches complete the training course one age group higher than required, and if possible, complete the AYSO Advanced Coaching course.

All AYSO EXTRA Referees shall have been Safe Haven trained and completed the following AYSO referee course:

     1) For U10 & U12- Intermediate Referee
     2) For U14 - Advanced Referee

VI. Disputes

In the event that a dispute arises concerning the formation or conduct of an AYSO EXTRA team, that complaint must be filed in writing with the AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator. The AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator then has the right to discuss this matter with the relevant Regional Commissioners. If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the AYSO EXTRA Program Coordinator then the question will be referred to the Area 3T Director for further proceedings in accordance with the Area Guidelines and the AYSO rules.

Violations of these rules in fact or in spirit may result in sanctions, including the disqualification of an AYSO EXTRA team or teams for a season.