The Disclaimer Form

For your registration to be complete it is essential that you mail three signed copies of the disclaimer form to Irvington AYSO. The disclaimer is a form that is generated after you click "Submit" at the bottom of the registration screen. Please check all the information on the form carefully before printing. We strongly recommend that you save an HTML copy of the disclaimer on your computer in case you have printer problems. The disclaimer should fill most of a single page. Click here if you have printer problems.

A few users have reported that the disclaimer page does not contain their child's data. The problem may be related to the security settings on your browser or to some related incompatibility. If you experience this problem, try switching browsers (e.g. use Internet Explorer instead of Netscape or AOL), and if that doesn't work, try using a different computer. If all solutions fail, contact the webmaster.

Of the three copies you send to us, one is subsequently forwarded to National AYSO and is required for insurance purposes. One copy is given to your child's coach to be at hand in the unlikely event that your child needs to be treated in the emergency room and you are not present. The third copy is kept in our files.