Registration Instructions for Fall 2010 / Spring 2011

(Please read this!)

Registration News:

This year for the second year, Irvington AYSO, in an attempt to keep costs down will re-use uniforms.  The registration cost has been maintained at $130, $20 less than 2008/9 if you can re-use your uniform.  If you cannot re-use your uniform, there will be 2 options: 1) Order a new uniform for $25 or 2) Use a re-cycled uniform.  We had very few recycled uniforms last year and we'll see how many we get this spring for next season.  If you would like to volunteer to manage the uniforms recycle program, please email commissioner @  ONLY FIRST GRADERS AND OLDER NEED UNIFORMS!  Pre K and Kindergarden do not use uniforms!

Registration Fees:

The registration fee for the 2010-2011 year is $130 per child until July 1st.  On July 2nd, the fee goes to $180.  We've instituted the late fee because we want to encourage everyone to register early.  Teams need to be formed and uniforms need to be ordered.  Time is needed to accomplish these tasks.  Please register early and tell other parents too! 


Financial Assistance / Scholarships

Families with financial limitations are encouraged to apply for financial assistance; please email commissioner @

Registration Tips:

The registration form will not work with a Mac and must be done on a PC with Internet Explorer with the Cookies enabled.    If your child played Irvington AYSO in the 2009-2010 Fall & Spring season, pre-printed registration forms are available.  You may pick up the forms from the registrar by appointment or they can be forwarded to you by US Mail.  This maybe helpful for those who do not have access to a PC, as the webform will not work with a MAC.  Please contact the registrar by email at

All registrations must have a signed waiver either generated from our website with your child(ren)'s personal contact information or a signed preprinted form. We can not accept a computer generated form with handwritten or cut and pasted data.   Please send an email to if you are unable to successfully complete the online form. 

If registering via the webform a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours indicating that the electronic registration was successful.  If registering using the preprinted form, an email will also be sent acknowledging the receipt of the signed form.   If you do not receive an email it is an indication that the electronic registration failed or the preprinted form was not received.   Please contact the registrar via email if an acknowledgement is not received. 


To Register:

To register your child on-line, follow these four steps. If you wish to register using a paper form, please write to registration @  and our registrar will make special arrangements for you.

1) REGISTRATION. Click here to register a player. Follow the instructions carefully. You will need to print out three copies of the disclaimer provided at the end of the process. We strongly advise you to save the disclaimer page as an HTML document on your computer in case you have printing problems.

2) REGISTER ADDITIONAL PLAYERS. Click here to repeat the process for any additional children.

3) PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS. Click here when you have registered all your children. You may pay by check only.

4) PRINT AND SIGN THE DISCLAIMER PAGES and mail, along with birth certificates for any first-time players, to Irvington AYSO, at the following address:

Irvington AYSO
c/o Amy Zerman
36 Butterwood East

Irvington, NY 10533

If your child is playing with Irvington AYSO for the first time, you must include a photocopy of his/her birth certificate. Your child cannot play if a birth certificate is not on file.

If you specify a parent's e-mail address on the registration form, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgment that your electronic information has been received. However, your child's registration cannot be considered complete until Irvington AYSO has received three copies of the signed disclaimer page, proof of payment (check or credit card), and a birth certificate (for new players only).

Questions or comments about the registration process? Contact the commissioner at commissioner @