Registration for 2010-2011

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

Fill out the information below, check it carefully, then click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen to continue to the disclaimer page. Repeat the entire process if you are registering more than one player. If you make a mistake, you may register a second time. Contact registration @ if you have any concerns or questions. Do not use this form for registering for our Pre-K program.

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AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. If you do not know the rules of the game and prefer not to coach or referee, please consider volunteering either as a team manager (assist the coaches with paperwork or phoning) or as a field maintenance volunteer (help line the fields and set up and take down goals.)


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If your child needs a uniform, please add $25 and make a note in the comments section below.

Uniform Size Shirt     Give us the size whether ordering now or not!

The Youth sizes have the following equivalents:
    Youth Small = Youth size 4-6
    Youth Medium = Youth size 6-8
    Youth Large = Youth size 10-12

Compared to the skill level or effectiveness of other players in the division, this player is

(This information is used to create balanced teams. If in doubt, it's best to underestimate the player's skill/effectiveness. Remember that the younger players in a division may be less effective on average.)

If available, would you be interested in a practice time between 9:00 and 12:00 on Saturday mornings?

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Comments. (Include in this field any relevant information, including special health conditions and/or allergies. Players should not request to play with friends or ask to be placed with specific coaches. However, if you have two children in the same division you may request that they play on the same team. Coaching volunteers with more than one child should indicate here which child's team they wish to coach.)


Check all the information above very carefully before clicking "Submit." On reaching the disclaimer page, make sure the player's information was successfully registered. We strongly advise you to save the disclaimer page as an HTML document on your computer in case you have printing problems.