2012 - 2013
Region 240

Village of Irvington, NY



AYSO, the American Youth Soccer Organization, is a national, non-profit organization with headquarters in Torrance, California. The organization was founded in 1964 with 125 players, but today, AYSO includes some 750,000 players, ages 4 through 18 (of about 3 million children playing organized soccer). In addition to 60 fulltime employees, the program depends upon approximately 250,000 volunteer coaches, referees and administrators. The organization is divided into 14 geographic sections: Irvington is in Section 3 (42,000 players in New England, New York and New Jersey). The Section 3 director is Bill Hummell, of Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow. Each section is further divided into areas: Section 3 has 8 areas, and Irvington is in Area 3T (which includes some 10,000 players in 18 regions in Westchester). The Area 3T director is Jordan Becker. This organization (National, Section and Area) is set up to support the most important unit within AYSO, the region. We are region 240, Irvington, with 500 children registered for the Fall 2004/Spring 2005 season. Our players come from the Irvington village and school district.


The AYSO Mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on our five philosophies, EBOPS: Everyone plays, Balanced teams, Open registration, Positive coaching and good Sportsmanship.


Registration is held each spring for the following season. The early registration fee is $125 for the first child, $115 for each additional child. Anyone registering after the registration period pays a fee of $150 per child. The fee includes the team shirt, shorts and socks and two seasons of a great soccer experience. Other expenses include the team’s equipment, goals, paint for the fields, and sundry costs. All registration takes place online, via the website, although parents without Internet access may register in person on a given date during the registration period. All players need to complete the form and submit payment. New players need to provide a photocopy of their birth certificate or other proof of age.



In Irvington, teams are separated into boys and girls in all divisions. Following AYSO policy, all of our teams are "balanced" to promote even competition. We do not have "drafts" or allow coaches to choose their teams, although coaches may request to work with a designated assistant coach. Each team plays two seasons. The first season starts in the fall, and teams usually play a full schedule of eight to nine games from September to November. We resume, with the same teams, in the spring and play from April to June. There is no team continuity from the spring to the following fall, however. Except in highly specific circumstances, we do not honor requests to place two or more players together on the same team.


AYSO Extra teams consist of players drawn from the regular AYSO teams, players who are among the most skilled and committed players in their divisions. AYSO Extra allows for a more competitive league within the AYSO structure. Games are normally held on Saturday afternoons and do not conflict with the regular AYSO games or practices. All players in the AYSO Extra league must be signed up for and participating with a regular AYSO team. AYSO Extra coaches are normally regular team coaches who have volunteered to organize a select team in their division. Although we recognize that as a general matter, Extra Program games are often played at a higher skill level than the regular games and are often more competitive, we believe that it is important not to lose sight of AYSO's philosophies and principles in the operation of our Extra Program.


All practice and game schedules as well as field directions for away games are posted on the website (www.irvingtonayso.org). The U-6 teams conduct a practice followed by a game on Saturdays. For all other divisions, practices are generally held for 1 hour on Saturday afternoons, with games on Sunday afternoons. Some pointers for you and your children:


Soccer is an all-weather sport; normally, we do not cancel games because of a drizzle. Games are canceled when moderate to heavy rain and/or damp field conditions threatens the condition of the sod. For news regarding rainouts, do not contact your coach. Decisions will be posted instantly on the website when a decision has been made to cancel a game due to rain.


For more information, visit the website (www.irvingtonayso.org) or write an email to commissioner @ irvingtonayso.org.