(Formerly AYSO FLEX)

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Practices are at Scenic Hudson Park in the fall, Mercy College in the spring (until East Field reopens)

Overview for Parents and Coaches

AYSO Extra teams play in a special division coordinated by the Area Extra administrator. The teams consist of players drawn from the Core (regular) AYSO teams, players who are eager and willing to spend more time playing and learning about soccer. Games are normally held on Saturday afternoons and do not conflict with the Core AYSO games or practices. In addition, many teams participate in AYSO-sponsored as well as private soccer tournaments. All players in AYSO Extra must be signed up in eayso.org (national registration done through our website) Participation with a Core AYSO team for Extra players is no longer mandatory (fall 2010) but players may play in both Extra and Core. All teams are coached by a parent volunteer. In addition, each team has the opportunity for training on weekday nights with our training company. Every player must pay additional fees that cover the cost of training, tournaments and any other sundry items bought for the team.

Schedule. Extra games are scheduled on Saturday afternoons, with start times varying between 3:30 and 5:00.

Team Selection. Extra teams are selected at the coaches' discretion. Coaches should make every effort to consider all players and to solicit opinions from other coaches. If there are enough players and willing coaches, it is possible to organize two teams in the same age bracket.

Fees. Each Extra player must pay a fee that is per season (separate fee for Fall and Spring) to cover the costs of training, tournaments, pins/patches, coaching, and other expenses associated with the Extra program. Coaches should collect the checks and submit them to the treasurer.  Checks should be made payable to Irvington AYSO.

Eligibility. All players who are completely registered and paid (or scholarhipped/financially aided) may play Extra.

Tournaments. Area AYSO sponsors 1-2 tournaments per season; in addition, there are several private tournaments (e.g. Wizard Of Oss, Ardsley) that Extra teams may enter.  The Extra Administrator will distribute tournament information to Extra Coaches as it is received.  If an Extra Coach wishes to enter a tournament, he/she should contact the Extra Administrator who will coordinate the registration process and distribute any pins/patches that might be needed.

Referees. It is vital to recruit two or three certified referees for your team.  AYSO Extra games and  tournaments require that each team bring two certified referees.

Coach Certification. Extra head coaches must have an age plus one age group appropriate AYSO Coaching Certificate (i.e., U-12 coaching certificate or higher if you are coaching a U-10 Extra Team).


Irvington AYSO Extra adheres to area guidelines. To see the official Area 3T (Westchester) guidelines, click here.